Saturday, October 11, 2014

Back Into the Groove

I can't wait for a new year to start a new resolution. Sometimes you just have to take the bull by the horns and do what you need to do, so here I am back to blogging. I love my passion, creating images on cards or scrapbook pages. Combining colors and saving memories.

Christmas is coming and my Christmas card stash is seriously depleted. So time to start doing regular stamping. I've temporarily lost my stamping partner (for a while we were stamping weekly on Fridays) and so lost a bit of my mojo. She'll be back before Christmas but I want to make sure I have plenty to share when she does come back.

SU has a new Watercolor Winter car kit. Create 20 cards, 5 of 4 designs. I've always tended to stay away from the card kits only because I felt I could create my own. But creating your own cards can be time consuming. If I truly added up all the hours I surf the 'net looking for ideas, and then ultimately going with my own creations inspired by the search, it would not be a cost effective endeavor. So when I saw this kit and watched the video and saw how easily the cards came together with a different look I knew it would be a fun class to share.

So, I have a sign up sheet at my "office" and am hoping I'll get some interested card makers this week to join me in making these fun cards.